Go Man Go 3rd Quarter 2011

Congratulations to our newest Go Man Go Award recipient, John Vitous! John is an excellent craftsman who is well liked by his peers for always getting along with everyone around him. He is constantly willing to work overtime when necessary, and has extreme attention to detail. He absorbs every bit of information given to him and uses his time wisely. He is a spectacular fabricator and is constantly focused on his work with zero distractions. He is always on time (and usually early) for his shift. Thank you for being such a great employee and person, John!

Go Man Go!

Nancy Solberg, Allied's "accountant extrodanare", is the most recent recipient of the Go Man Go Award. Well, in this case, it's the Go Woman Go Award because Nancy's like the engergizer bunny - she keeps going and going! For 6+ years Nancy has been managing the office with the utmost efficiency as her knowledge of all business practices and procedures has made her an invaluable asset. Her great attitude coupled with her extreme work ethic has a lengthy track record, thus it is no wonder that she was voted to win this award by her peers. Congratulations Nancy!

Go Man Go of the Year Award - 2010!

Lucas Johnson is Allied Steel's Go Man Go of the YEAR for 2010! Of the many great qualities that Lucas demonstrates on a daily basis, his peers highlighted the fact that he is willing to drop everything he is doing on a dime to help a fellow co-worker in distress NO MATTER WHAT. His continued pursuit of excellence while paying attention to even the most minor detail has proven his diversified skill set and lead him into the role of shop fabricator and laser operator. You wont catch Lucas without a smile on his face and a positive message to send. Keep it up Lucas! GO MAN GO!

Gift Certificates

Searching for a gift but not sure exactly which display to get? Thats okay, because now we have GIFT CERTIFICATES!! Its a great way to make sure that athlete in your life gets exactly what they want! Look for the button just above the Facebook box.


To start this new year off right, we are please to announce that all orders of two or more displays ship for free! BELIEVE IT!

Go Man Go - 2nd quarter - 2010!

The most recent recipient of the Go Man Go Award is Mark Neitzel! He had the highest number of votes from his peers for the Go Man Go this quarter because he continues to excel as a Project Manager and Structural Steel Estimator. Mark's constant positive attitude helps tremendously with morale and customer perception of the company! He is one of the most dedicated employees here, and is always willing to stay late to get the job done! It is no surprise that everyone enjoys working with him. Way to go Mark!

Allied Steel is going GREEN!

In a continued effort to be more environmentally responsible, Allied Steel has implimented new proceedures to help ensure balance and sustainability to Planet Earth! These efforts include many new recycling recepticles throughout the shops, improved business practices, and better overall employee awareness of ways to reduce waste. We have also been working with the Department of Ecology to greatly diminish toxins from being leached into the stormwater runoff system. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

Go Man Go of the Year Award - 2009

Our Go Man Go of The Year for 2009 is Jose Zambrano! Jose has developed a variety of specialized talents that make him versatile and unique. He is an accomplished welder with a knack for producing many of the outstanding metal finishes Allied Steel customers expect. His affable personality and constant efforts to excel, drove his peers to select him as Go Man Go recipient. Way to go Jose!

Medal Hangers

The medal hangers were an original idea created to display medals received for participating in a marathon. Due to overwhelming demand, Allied Steel has decided to expand the product line to include a variety of sports or activities that issues medals. In addition, Allied Steel has decided to start taking custom orders for these laser cut hangers. The hangers can now say anything you'd like, at any size, with numerous fonts and styles available. You can see more pictures of the hangers on the Laser Cutting page. Call 425.861.9558 and speak with Brad for more information or to place an order!

Happy Holidays from Allied Steel!

Allied Steel will be closed Thursday, December 24th and Thurdsay, December 31st due to the Christmas and New Years holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience. Enjoy the holidays!

Go Man Go Award - 3rd Quarter - 2009

The most recent recipient of the Go Man Go Award was Justin Olsen. He won the award for the 3rd quarter of 2009 because he continues to excel in his position of fabricator despite being the youngest guy on the shop floor at age 21. His drive and continued effort to reach perfection makes Justin a perfect candidate for the Go Man Go. Congratulations Justin!


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